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Real SD Cards

Fake Micro SD Cards are being sold all over, and most of the time the consumer has no idea that they just bought a fake card.  They are fake because they were advertised as being a 16GB Card or a 32GB card and in reality they may only hold 3-6GB.
The reasons that the consumer wouldn't know they just bought a fake card is that the SD card was designed so that if you plug it into your phone or computer it will actually say that it is the capacity that the person thinks that they bought.  However, in reality this is simply a trick.

The only way to actually test the card is to plug it into your computer and load it with content until it is full, then see how much content was loaded.
There is also free testing software that you can use that will do this for you.  We randomly test SD Cards out of each batch that is manufactured for us.

We GUARANTEE that our Micro SD Cards are full capacity*

*By simply formatting a card it will use some of it's capacity.  Also the way cards are read by certain systems may show slight differences in sizes learn more
In other words...
A 64GB should actually hold approximately 58GB of information.
A 32GB Micro SD Cards should hold approximately 29GB of information.
A 16GB Micro SD Card should hold approximately 13GB of information.

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